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Gas Engineer Course

Gas Managed Learning Programme

The Gas managed learning programme is a reasonably new initiative set-up to run from the 1st October 2017 and has stopped unscrupulous companies making people a Gas engineer by post. Anyone now wanting to become a Gas engineer can ONLY do their training through an approved training provider such as ourselves.

Our price for this course is £3500 for 5 weeks training (9am -4pm) & £500 for the ACS assessment after 6 months. We also offer help with portfolio building and placing you with an engineer for a fee of £1000, alternatively you may of course find your own for free. Our own engineers are experienced in providing you with the help you need. Should you wish to find your own then we will gladly provide you with all the data you need and provide you with FULL support working alongside your own mentor.

We also offer a weekend course which is every other weekend on a Saturday and Sunday priced at an extra £500 to the above course which starts at 9am and finishes at around 4pm.

*** NEW***

We now offer due to increased demand an evening Gas course running on a Monday & Tuesday every week priced the same as the weekend course.

The training starts at 5pm and finishes at 9pm.

Becoming a Gas engineer if your new to the industry

Course Delivery

From October 2017 as mentioned previously, to become a Gas engineer you have to complete a training programme with a recognised training provider authorised by the certification body.

Becoming a Gas engineer involves attending the training centre for 5 weeks Monday to Friday 9-4 where you will complete a training programme which involves a lot of practical skills covering all aspects of work that a Gas engineer would do in his/her day to day job.

During the training we will teach you about pipework and soldering skills and how to bend those pipes over other pipes including some tricky bends and how to dress and hang a radiator
You will understand how the inside of a boiler works with a full bench top hands on examination of all parts along with a demonstration on testing them using a multi-meter where applicable. All parts play a crucial role in ensuring an effective and optimum heating system.

You will cover Gas regulations, Flues, Unsafe situations, Gas controls, Pipe sizing, Purging & Installation volumes, different meters and acceptable drops, fault finding, working safely electrically training all our new engineers on safe isolation as required from July 2020, conventional heating systems, pre-cast flue blocks, brick chimneys, lined chimneys, room stat wiring, programmer wiring to just name a few!

From the 1st November 2022 we offer a new premium package. This course is 7 weeks long, for this you will get a placement in this area only, a gas engineer who fits fires, cookers, boilers, water heaters, meters, unvented systems. We will help you apply for jobs and prepare you for interview onsite once you’ve passed the course. You will be qualified in CCN1, CENWAT, CKR1, HTR1, MET1, CPA1, Unvented Hot water, Water regulations. We guarantee you a placement. The dates to work with your mentor will be discussed once your training has finished so we can be as flexible as possible. Note the total time from start to finish has to be at least 140 days minimum (7 months) You will keep installing more than the minimum until you are very confident.

The ACS is included in this price.

We will also arrange an interview for potential employment with a major British Gas installer company.

The price for this is £6995 with all books provided.

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The course is delivered with a mixture of delivery stimulus utilising white board, projector, hands on training in bays, group discussions, part identification, various books and frequent testing to monitor your progress giving you constant feedback during your time with us.
The trainer will also create a whatsapp group for sharing any issues you encounter on site where he/she will provide technical support after your training if required.

So you do 5 weeks with us in the training centre, then you will go with a Gas engineer on placement either chosen by us (for a fee) or selected by yourself. You will stay with this mentor until he is comfortable you are competent at various tasks over a period of around 4 months. These task include as a minimum 5 boiler installations, 5 boiler services, 5 tightness tests & 5 different pipework scenarios across the range of jobs.

Please note that the above details are NOT 5 jobs and then your finished but a minimum number of jobs that you’ve completed ON YOUR OWN unaided by the mentor.
This means you may have completed many more documented jobs in your portfolio as evidence.

You will frequently attend the training centre after the 5 weeks, having your portfolio reviewed with feedback given – then eventually signed off, meaning you can then book with us for your initial ACS assessment.

Following this you may then register with Gas safe and obtain your Gas license and card within 2 weeks or less.

Please check out our GENUINE reviews on Trustpilot and/or come in and speak to our current happy students for peace of mind. Our facilities are equipped to the best standards possible.

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