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LPG Course

LPG Course

Permanent dwellings (PD) £300 for two days, Permanent dwellings & Caravans (RPH) £350, two days


If your a qualified Gas engineer then if you plan to work on properties in a rural area then it’s likely you will need to upskill to the LPG course.

During the LPG course which is called the CONGLP1, you will apply your knowledge already learned as a domestic Gas engineer and be trained on the differences between the two fuels and the hazards presented.

What you currently hold in domestic ACS appliances will assigned to LPG on your Gas safe card after this course.

What you will learn.

  • Low pressure hoses standards
  • High pressure connections
  • Regulator lock-up pressures
  • Bulk storage tanks
  • Tightness testing differences
  • Residential park home (RPH) training (Optional)
  • Working pressure testing
  • Calculating bottle sizing requirements
  • Bulk tank controls
  • Cylinder locations
  • Emergency situations
  • Change over devices
  • UPSO’s & OPSO’s
  • Calculating Gas rate (or not)
  • Air testing
  • Correct fittings
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