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Boiler Fault Finding Course

Boiler Fault Finding Course
1 day £210

This course is aimed at the already qualified Gas engineer who wants to extend his breakdown knowledge deeper.

What you will cover is in depth use of your mutlimeter which will enable you to confidently test components that you suspect maybe faulty. This course aims to turn a fitter into an engineering mind whereby thru education of cause and effect you will learn where the fault lies in the start-up sequence.

This training will improve your diagnosis strength & give you more confidence when attending a breakdown.

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What we will cover during the course

This course starts off talking about multi-meter training including the applied use of resistance, capacitance, hz, mA current measuring, Ac & Dc voltage measuring & continuity.

Then we will look at components on the bench and apply our learning to these parts understanding tolerances and what is a good reading and which is a bad one.

Some of the components checked are below.

  • PCB examination including track, components and fault identification
  • Flame rectification understanding including AC to DC through ionisation
  • Testing NTC thermistors, locating them & removing safely
  • Fan faults including coil testing with venturi examination
  • Air pressure switch common errors made by engineers
  • Why does a pump cause a PCB to blow and how to test it properly
  • Causes of high carbon monoxide & Carbon dioxide
  • Testing flow & return to determine potential problems
  • Domestic hot water problems
  • Central heating problems
  • Divertor valve investigation including service kits
  • Plated heat exchanger testing
  • Water pressure switch with common faults
  • High limit stat misdiagnosis
  • Poor temperature at hot taps.

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